JSLV Review


So I get this fresh-ass box packed full of the new JSLV line. Crispy Tees, smooth sweaters, new-era fitted hats and a gangster throwback beanie.

I thought to myself, this shit is so fucking fresh I’ll bet it could make even the heshest dude on earth look like a model. So… Two tall cans later I had recruited the two dirtiest dirtbags I know. I’m talking straight “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” hesh. These two dudes (who claim they are brothers) kick it behind the shop everyday. Smoking, drinking, trying to sell “Laurence Welk sings Christmas” & “Sounds of the rain forrest”  CD’s out of a duffle bag. As a matter of fact, I actually heard the one with the short hair (I dont know their names, so I don’t get busted for harboring a fugitive or any number of weird things that could happen with these two) trying to buy $120 worth of food stamps off of some dude for 60 bucks.

The thing is… Beyond all thought or reason, I WAS RIGHT!

Look at the before and after pictures of these derelicts… JSLV made them look straight golden.

Imagine what they can do for you. Click below to get your hands on the freshest gear out there.



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