Brixton review

Brixton is one of those amazing brands. A brand that can cross the great divide between Gentleman and Thug. Fresh or Hesh. Drunk or Drunker. So when this box of amazing hat’s, leather’s, tee’s and flannel’s showed up at The Corner… Instantly I thought of the only place where men of all color, background or social standing gather and shoot the shit like they were brothers. That place is LEFTY’S.

There are few people left in this world that care deeply about the quality of work they put onto the streets. Brixton makes the finest garments and headpieces possible. Lefty’s is beautifying San Diego one haircut at a time. Basically what I am saying is cut your hair off you dirty fucking hippy! Sike. No matter what anyone says… Long hair gets girls soaking. But now I have some Brixton hats to cover the grease up. No more showers for this blogger.





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