Graphic Design is all hard…

Cameron killing it while Angelo looks at the awesomeness.


Skating nature is a weird feeling. It’s like, you ALMOST feel bad about “destroying shit”. But when the most beautiful beach in SD gives you the raddest natural quaterpipe ever… no passing that shit up.



This dog shreds. Like… SHREDS!!!

I am left asking myself one glaringly obvious question though… Why is his board shaped like a big fat choady dick? (And more importantly, where do I get one!?)

My Apologies…

As a lot of you may know, I lost someone really close to me not long ago.

I told myself, “Tosh, give yourself a week off and get back to work. That’s all you can do.” So I took a couple weeks off, came back to San Diego and got to work. I was distracting myself in every sense of that word. Calling every skateboarder I knew trying to line up anything I could. No one was calling me back though. I don’t know if I have let myself become everything I said I’d never be… However, that is looking more and more to be the case. I haven’t covered an event since Maloof. I literally set up a Creature Brue Killer board so I “wouldn’t be able to skate street”… Dude, when am I ever at a park?

It is really easy to talk the talk. Walking the walk is the hard part. I guess it’s like, if you find a perfect spot and there is a crack… you fix that crack. Sneak in there at night with some Bondo and slap that shit in there. The problem comes when someone who doesn’t know what they are doing Bondos that crack. It might make it skatable for that session, but it’s going to crumble out and make the spot even worse.

I am not making excuses here. I have made excuses my whole life.

What I am doing is asking for skateboarding’s forgiveness. I neglected the thing I love the most and yet I still expected it to provide for me.

I was recently “asked to vacate” my apartment by a slum-lord for no reason. I think I am going to go to Salt Lake City for a month or two and run that proverbial Bondo job on my life. Skate-skate-skate.

That’s good news for people who read this site. I am going to be working on providing content EVERY DAY. No fucking sob-stories, just skateboarding and all the rad-shit that comes with it.

(Nick Suarez: Chain ollie to wallride to switch hippy jump. Click if not animated)

I figured I’d leave you with the last sequence I am going to shoot for a few weeks. 


Wes Kremer’s Switch-Stance

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Wes is the shit.

It took me forever to get this thing done… from tracking down Wes, to editing the damn thing.

But all in all, I think this shows Wes’s true personality. Minus the three blunts him and Marius and Tyler blazed while I was getting SO contact high. Oh and the cus words…

But besides that, this is pretty much Wes Kremer!