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18 thoughts on “Contact

  1. what up man? long time no talk…how the fuck have you been? linked to you through youtube searchin for james’ new part. hit me up if you got time ross has my info otherwise you got my e-mail yeah i use my wife’s…don’t fuck with computers much if you can’t tell.

  2. btw that guy said you cant put him on your website. you do it and if he contacts wordpress your site can get shut down. same shit happened to me.

  3. i use to work at a shitty skateshop in mission beach called off the top. we had a cool little grom that watched the front of the shop we did bong hits in the back. i’m thinking thats you. i think my homeboy is still living in that shithole on rockaway ct. anyway, whats up.

    • Well Joe Joe, that is me. I got my first free thing ever at Off The Top. A free issue of TWS, that I very well might still have. Got to see my first skate video ever there; Welcome to Hell (what a start). Skated those little round planter boxes out front… I don’t live on Rockaway anymore though… made the move to PB. Anways… FUCK YEAH! This comment got me hyped as shit. Good looks!

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