It’s widely recognized scientific fact that the internet sucks.

I’m here to make it worse.

Oh yeah, everything on this site is done by me and only me Tosh Rice (unless noted). So don’t use it without asking me first.


19 thoughts on “About

  1. He’s conceited, and is a shame to having fun. I met him and he takes things way too seriously. Funny that the only thing people say is either he’s a poser or a bag of douche with a website named after himself with his face in his own logo. How is that not conceited? As the words of Wayne go…

    “This guy blows donkeys”
    “I have proof!”

    • Have fun with your hate mail Richard Patrick Pope 🙂 (took the link down because RPP, as he will be known as from now on, is not worth losing my blog over)

  2. Read my site if you want. Don’t if you don’t. I could care less… I do this for SKATEBOARDERS. Blog & Destroy motherfuckers!!!

  3. i am a skateboarder, i just thought it was fucked up of you to do that to that biker who was obviously just fucking around. and you shoulda gave him that 5 bucks. your lucky he didnt snap your shit

    • Here’s the deal hot-sauce… Don’t talk shit and expect to not get shit talked back to you. I could give to fuck’s of a shit less what you think. Also, Im lucky he didn’t snap my shit? You are a booger. A dumb booger-face.

      • hahaha.. “dumb booger-face” that’s classic! talk about taking things to seriously, jiggerwhat, i think you took that, way to seriously. tosh you are the man. big ups on the site (that is still up and running to all the haters out there). See you around SD!


        have you heard of “hoochy koochy?” check our video out on youtube. help the southbay/chula/IB homies out!!

  4. hahaahahaahaha killin it tosh. really impressive design, clever witty commentary, and your true to self attitude. these kooks who throw up the negativity just wish they were responsible for something like this… noncontributing f_cks. nothin but love and some serious laughs on this thing. keep it up bra.

  5. Tosh, remember when you used to ride for The Edge and you got a call to go up to LA to do a Capri Sun commercial?

    I do.

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