Chris Russell’s Birthday Deathcamp

Chris Russell bullied me into going to his birthday party in Long Beach. It was pouring rain, it stunk like shit and it was full of a ton of drunk hessians… it was fucking sick! HBD Muscle!

  And so it begins.

Man of the hour!  

Muscle’s new 6 week boot sponsor. 

  Cole was in literally 85% of the photos.


Oliver tried to ghost smfh.   

  Swag 1000.

Trench-lord spots gunning op…  

Gunning op successful.  

When Lefty looks like this, move away.  

All aboard the Hesh Train.  

Full speed ahead.  

  Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Solid crew.  


  Channel the Lords of Dark Metal.

We get it Cole, you have a peepee.  



  Rain washed away some of the barf.

   Shit got real.

Parties over…  

 …Or is it!? “Hey ladies”

Side note: It was raining so hard on the way home I got onto the wrong freeway and drove to downtown LA instead of San Diego. Basically what I’m saying here is that if @chrisrussell_mbk didn’t get laid, I’m gonna be really fucking mad at him.


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