Time to move on

We live in arguably the best time that’s ever existed for skateboarding. We have open access to every piece of media that’s ever been produced documenting our humble hobby. We can make our own videos in the palm of our hand, with no one telling us what or what not to do… which brings me to the point: knock it the fuck off.

I’m all for freedom and self expression, don’t get me wrong. What I’m not for is the global homogenization of progression. With so much access to information and an almost endless source for “inspiration” what’s ended up happening is, what I’m going to call the “what can I get away with generation”. 

Now before you get all mad and say, “Tosh is a stupid old piece of shit” (please do say that actually), let me explain myself in a 5 point process for self awareness:

  1. Any time you think “what can I get away with”, you’re only defeating yourself. Sub that nocomply with a burtleman if you’re gonna be like that.
  2. The better you are at skateboarding, the more ridiculous your kit can be. Take @stephenlawer for example.  
  3. Not everything has to be filmed.
  4. If you love your homie, tell him when he’s being an idiot. That’s your boy after all.
  5. Don’t take skateboarding for granted. It took yours and my dumbasses in. Let’s try and give it something back.
  6. (Bonus point) Just cuz she has a Thrasher shirt on doesn’t necessarily mean you should bang her… well, at least strap up.

And that my friends, is the 5 point process for success.

Glad to be back.

See ya’ll soon.


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