REDBULL tripleset mania

The three coolest things about the REDBULL triple set contest in order:

  1. When they played “Hot Nigga” by Bobby Schmurda then turned it off cuz it’s too fire.
  2. Deaf Jeff triple flipping and frontside 360 pressure flipping the set
  3. Smolik stealing the mic during the awards yelling “Black Ass Woogie!!!”
  4. The bar
  5. Actual hot girls who seemed to be remarkably DTF
  6. Tyrone Olson’s illusionary flippery
  7. Sk8mafia. Like, just as a general statement… Sk8mafia.
  8. Shuriken’s no-comply tail slide down the hubba
  9. 619 chair-man firecrackering the trips
  10. The fact that I only shot the event becauseĀ I saw the line and thought, “I’m not waiting in that fucking line.”

All dub step aside; it was remarkably un-sucky for a corporate skate contest. It’s good to see that San Diego can still put on a show. Basically what I am saying is I hope these motherfuckers got warmed up because I’m still trying to shoot a trick on the real Sports Arena triple.


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