PB BeachFest sucks

OK, let me go on record as saying: This is MY opinion and does not necessarily reflect the view of, let’s just say, “anyone else”.


We were having a completely amazing little demo. A demo that was being closely monitored by us. The people that should monitor something of that sort. When all of a sudden two obese female officers decided to take it upon their rotund little selves to come into the shop and start telling Jim that no one could drink. In the shop. No drinking, in the shop. So, what the fuck ever… “ok then”. It didn’t end there though. They sent over the organizer of the event with some cockamamie story about how “it is a huge liability for the city for kids to be skating”. Keep in mind that they approached Pacific Drive to do this for them. Time, effort and money was invested by the skateboarders to build the ramps and bondo the street. I mean, it’s cool… we have ramps now. But come the fuck on City of San Diego and have some fucking balls Discover PB.

It’s the same old story since the dawn of the Burtleman… People want to use skateboarding and skateboarders for their perceived “cool-points”. But they’ll will throw us out quicker than their Big Willie Style CD and pog collections.

Well at least we got some Dolan pics outta the ordeal.


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